Programmer’s tidbits: Vista Eventlog

You can say whatever you want about Microsoft’s new avant-garde operating system; there are some useful changes.

Microsoft extended the old, somehow crippled eventlog with a searchable, filter-able (?) fliwatüt. Along with the optical and functional changes comes something that isn’t all fun and sunshine.

From now on only an administrator can write to the eventlog. Sounds logical. But it poses quite a problem code-wise. Working with MSDN’s proposed code sample doesn’t work anymore. The MSDN forums strike a solution that isn’t desirable for a rather simple program.

Even worse is the fact that not only Vista users will have fun with this tidbit, no, the behaviour was ported back to Windows XP and released as a scheduled patch already. This makes baby Jesus cry.

The only good thing is that we all will have to work out a considerably easy way to deal with this matter. Ah, and it makes sure our applications will work fine on Vista aswell. At least the logging part will do.

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