I’m pretty excited about the next week. So why is that?

First of all (and most important for me 😉 ) is the fact that Dell finally seems to have sent my notebook on it’s way. Now I’m eagerly waiting for the machine to come; not only do I need it for work in the field but also as a plaything. I hope I can use the time I spend commuting everyday in a meaningful way by refining all the posts that are still in draft 😉 .

After weeks, weeks and weeks without any consistent notice about the status, delivery schedule or anything at all this is great news indeed. But maybe I shouldn’t praise things I don’t have yet, so…

The second thing is Project Indiana: SUN and Ian Murdock are currently building what I’m referring to as the “next big thing”, an OpenSolaris distribution for the community, supported by SUN. The first public version is expected to hit us this week and as a novice Solaris user I can’t wait to see what comes around. My hope is that OpenSolaris will be as easy, yet powerful – just like Debian (which many people seem to dislike for some reason). Belenix, another distribution, is using apt and dpkg for their packet management and it’s really nice – so I can’t understand the sentiments of rejecting dpkg’s features. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t have the “spin” yet, OpenSolaris is lacking the momentum Linux currently has. I’m afraid I won’t be able to migrate my Linux desktop to Solaris anytime soon (a shame, I’d *really* love to see what ZFS can do in a native environment).

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